Sunday Concert

​15 JAN 2017

The familiar mumble of voices takes on a French accent. The hush just before the show is the same: the sudden quiet, the heightened anticipation, the muffled cough, the slight shifting in cushioned seats. Violin, viola, and cellos in hand, the musicians make their way onto the stage amid our applause. The theatre is nice. The light wood paneling of the ceiling is curved, good for acoustics. The walls, in the same light wood, are all sharp lines and geometric shapes, good for aesthetics. The curtains are a deep red, the stage black. The musicians take there places at the four chairs and music stands. 

I sit in one seat among the 300 or so in the auditorium. I have been looking forward to this all week. The violinist begins, a soft, long note. Then enter the cellos, followed by the viola. A quartet of players is performing in Strasbourg, and for 6€, I get to witness. Bows on strings play for about half an hour. There is a brief intermission, and then the four, joined by a fifth, return to the stage and continue to play. Chamber music, while not as big or perhaps as bold as a full orchestra, is great to listen to.

I sit in an audience of mostly older individuals. I recall this being the case back home in Atlanta as well. I know my generation of Millennials often go to concerts, but they are missing out on the classics. Perhaps they would attend more performances if student discounts were as good as they are in Europe (Wink-wink Atlanta Symphony Orchestra).

NOTE: This post is quite shorter than previously planned or intended due to problems with the Wi-Fi and computers at the moment. Not having access to a working computer or link to the internet is a bit of a culture shock for this particular American.


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